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Try harder stupid!

No woman wakes up saying "God, I hope I don´t get swept off my feet today." Well, she might say: "this is a really bad time for me now" or "I don´t have time for a relationship", or something like "I´m really into my career right now" or my personal favorite: "I just need some space"...

Can you believe that? Neither does she because she is testing you, she´s lying to you... what she´s really saying is "show me why you deserve me" or "get away from me now" or the most common "try harder stupid!"

But, wich one is it?

Every one of us think about what we like, our dreams, our wishes, what we expect to the future, and everything that we realy want!
Women usualy act like that, but like anyone of us, a woman doesn´t know what she wants until she sees it.
The fact is, no matter what, no matter when, no matter who... any man has a chance to swept any woman off her feet, just need to show her what she wants...


The beginning

This photo shows us an ordinary woman, seen in the eyes of the most of the mens in the earth! But what can we see into it? A woman crying? A naked woman? or a woman who can even show her body but not her real face?

Belive it or not, an ordinary woman usualy acts in a defensive stance when she faces an truth relationship. She stand back, waiting for a message, for a call, even a surprise, wondering the next step. These are the rules of our society! She acts like a ... like an... what can i say? LIKE A WOMEN! thats it, cause woman is unique, she is capable to lie to her self, she says no when she wants to say yes, and many other things...

Female desire, thats what we talk about!